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the loft 



6 built-in closets and a large storage compartment

The loft features two 100cm deep pull-out closets with a hanging rod, four closet spaces with shelves, and a large 2m2 storage compartment for storing larger appliances, seasonal wardrobe, sports equipment, etc.


Stairs? Bookcase? … Why not both?

The loft is designed to feature movable stairs for easy access to all storage compartments. Besides allowing you to reach your bed, the stairs double as a bookcase, which gives you even more storage possibilities without taking up any extra space.

Ready-to-make blueprints

Get ready-made blueprints that you can simply hand to your local carpenter to produce and assemble the loft bed for you. It’s the same exact design that you see in the photos on this page and the Instagram posts.


A customizable wall for more privacy

Enjoy some privacy without putting up walls that separate your space and crowd the room. The loft features a wall that you can customize to act as a green wall with plants or a souvenirs & memorabilia display, choose the bookshelf option, or go for a simple but gorgeous panel wall. See all the options below. 


Plants, books, or panels?

Get BOTH stair orientation variants in a single PDF file

Want front or back access to your bed or do you want the stairs to be on the side? Can’t choose right now?


No worries. In the blueprint file you will find both variations so you can decide later with the help of your carpenter or interior designer.


Pick the stairs in front and have a larger partition wall, or choose a smaller partition wall in front or in the rear of the loft bed and access the bed via the stairs on the side.


Green wall

Build an urban jungle right in your room. Plays well with souvenirs and other decor.


Bookshelf wall

Are you a bookworm? Build a wall of knowledge and fiction that looks good as well.


Panel wall

A perfect minimalist’s choice. Pair it with some ambient lighting and enjoy (or deny) the view.

Available due to popular demand

Trending on social media

After my Instagram reel with the loft bed “exploded”, I started getting numerous requests for the blueprints from people wanting to get one of their own. That’s why, I decided to make the exact same blueprints available to the public!

Screenshot 2022-12-07 at 15.54.14.png

How it works?

Avoid the wait and get your finished blueprints in a couple of seconds for less than a third of the price I paid for them. Don’t let the renovation drag out unnecessarily and start working on your loft bed right away!


Pick the stair orientation that would fit best in your space, considering the positioning of your walls, and decide on a partition wall variant you like the most.


The blueprints are ready to be handed to your local carpenter, who will produce and assemble your new space-saving slumber station!

Need a carpenter?
Take one. 

Know a carpenter? Share one.

If you need a carpenter to prepare all the materials needed to build the loft bed, feel free to check out the ever-growing library of carpenters by clicking the button below!


If you know a carpenter who’s able to do it, feel free to share their website. This way, you’ll help us expand our library of trusted carpenters that others in your area can contact as well!

Need a carpenter? Click here!

Know a carpenter? Click here!

Get on it right away!

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