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Who is behind this?


This website and offer are a part of the Designneeds blog that launched in 2016 with love for art and design.

My name is Barbara Borko but you may know me as @designneeds on Instagram. Originally, I’m a graphic designer, blogger, and influencer. 


By renovating my new apartment from scratch and documenting it on social media, I’ve pivoted my content into interior design and renovation with the help of experts in their respective fields.


Due to countless requests for the blueprints that I used to build my space-saving loft bed, I decided to make them available to the public.


How do I get the blueprints?


Once you purchase the desired version (stairs in front or stairs on the side), you’ll get an email with the finished blueprints.

Since I’m currently doing all of this without the help of any email automations, I’ll send you the PDF file directly, which can take up to 1-2 days.


Who designed the blueprints?


Once I got the initial idea for the loft bed with storage compartments, I gave it to one of my colleagues - Veronicca Ditrih, who is a renowned product and interior designer.

She designed the blueprints from scratch, considering my wishes and adding her own expertise to assure that the final product is of the highest quality.


How do I build the loft bed?


The blueprints are finalized and ready to be handed to your trusted carpenter. Normally, they will prepare the components and build it for you.*

* I’m not responsible for any carpenter error, so be sure to use a carpenter that you can trust. If they do everything correctly, yout loft bed will look just like mine.

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